Dr. Jake Johnston, MD, Medical Director

Stem Cell Therapy for Knees, Hips and Shoulders is on SALE through October 31st! Save $500! See below!

We all know the saying, “Cure me once, thanks to you. Cure me twice, thanks to stem cell! ….” That’s how it goes, Right?

This was the case for our upbeat, joyful patient Elsie. Years ago, Elsie came to Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine at Anderson Podiatry Center for a regenerative medicine injection for her heels. Elsie had great results, and proclaims this experience as the cause for her relief from the heel pain she had been experiencing for years!

Fast forward to present day, Elsie came back to us with a new and different pain located in her knee. She was tired of this leg pain throwing a wrench at her enjoying her daily activities, and was especially wary of going through another knee replacement like she had done on her other knee. Elsie was hopeful that the treatment that reduced her heel pain years ago could now help this new pain she had encountered.

Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine, with the addition of our new medical director, Dr Jake Johnston, MD, has recently welcomed stem cell treatment into our therapy lineup to help our patients with a multitude of issues not just for below the knee but throughout the body. One of them being: a way to side step knee replacement surgery. “Before you have major surgery, I would check into Stem Cell first. I’m so happy I didn’t have to go through therapy!”

We are excited to have Dr Johnston on our team. He brings many years’ experience in the fields of Emergency Room Medicine and Functional Integrative Medicine, as

Dr. Jake Johnston, MD, Medical Director

well as Advanced Regenerative Medicine. “I am passionate about innovation and using current technologies to bring the best possible treatments to the patients I serve.”

Once again, Elsie reports she has hit the ground (and even the stairs) running and is back out living life to its fullest after her knee pain treatment. Elsie jokes, “It’s too bad they don’t do stem cell on lungs!”.

We are honored to have been the catalyst for helping Elsie’s lifestyle match her high energy spirit we know and enjoy. Call us today to find out if regenerative medicine can help you or a loved one put an end to knee, shoulder or hip pain.

Through October 31, 2019 get Stem Cell Therapy for Knees, Hip and Shoulder on SALE!  Save $500!  Just mention this offer.

To call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Johnston or one of our  podiatrists at our Fort Collins, Loveland, Broomfield or Cheyenne office, click HERE or call (970) 484-4620 or (800) 866-4620 TODAY!


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