Knee pain can be debilitating and downright discouraging, am I right? 

And invasive surgical procedures can be scary and cause too much down time!

Ours is the first and only center to offer a 3-step comprehensive plan, that includes stem cell and laser treatment, so you can side step knee pain!

Scroll to the bottom to see how you can save $500 off any knee Stem Cell Injection (or shoulder or hip!)

Anderson Center for Regenerative Medicine is one of the first centers to use regenerative medicine (commonly called Stem Cell Treatment) for heel pain, plantar fasciitis and joints of the foot and ankle. 

We have expanded our practice to provide regenerative medicine for other parts of the body as well with the addition of Dr Jake Johnston, MD, a specially trained injectionist with many years of experience in advanced Regenerative Medicine and Funcitonal Integrative Medicine, as well as having held positions as Director of Emergency Medicine.  We are fortunate to have him on our staff!

In order to help patients heal in a timely manner, we take them from Step 1 to Step 3 as needed to ensure we have utilized all our services before resorting to the “last ditch effort” of knee replacement surgery. 

While other centers only provide one or two of these options, we provide an entire plan of options to ensure our patients have the least amount of recovery time possible:

Step 1: Consultation/Stem Cell Injection-Dr. Jake Johnston, MD

  • Utilizing sterile umbilical cord has the highest viable cell count that can rehabilitate your knee pain; stimulates repair with limited down time!
  • Rich source of hematopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Stem cells attract to the site of injury to help your cells heal and help with growth of new cells. 
  • Often prevents future knee replacement surgery altogether!

Step 2: MLS Laser Therapy-Dr. Jake Johnston, MD

  • For affordable rapid recovery and healing.
  • A cold, pain-free laser that reduces inflammation and effectively treats tendon and ligament injuries as well as soft tissue, muscle strains, tears, degenerative joints, and neurological pain.
  • MLS laser is a rapid way to heal/recover structural integrity of injured region.
  • Only 6 to 12 treatments needed.
  • Can also prevent future knee replacement surgery altogether!

Step 3: Knee Denervation Procedures-Dr. Demetrio Aguila, MD 

  • Lower complication rate and lay up compared to knee replacement. 
  • American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • One of the nations’ top peripheral nerve surgeons. 
  • Nerve resections clip the nerve to relieve pain, alleviating the need for replacement surgery.

Last Resort: Knee Replacement 

  • We’ve included a well respected local orthopedic doctor on our team as our knee replacement advisor, as a last resort.

*Most do not go on to step three and even fewer to the last resort. If you want to maximize the longevity of your knee and minimize your lay up and risk, please consider this four step plan!

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